Fabian Heeres

Interaction & User Experience Design

Kosmo the Recyclenaut

A stand alone, interactive classroom kit that can be used in primary education to teach children about recycling and the value of waste. It focuses on what happens to waste in terms of the materials it is made of and how these materials can be reused. The installation exists of a screen connected to three trash bins; one for paper, one for plastic and one for organic waste. Children can throw away their trash and watch how Kosmo will reuse the materials into new products on the screen. As children recycle their waste in the trash bins they will experience how the materials can be reused into the production of new products or materials.

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Gesture of Urbanity

Gesture of Urbanity is a concept to encourage motorists to stop and let pedestrians pass. Showing some courtesy to each other and creating an more pleasant experience for the both.

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Internship at Yipp

A showcase of my work during my internship at Yipp.

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Rendez-vous Meet through motions

New technologies allow people to be closer together then ever before. The relative distance is getting smaller and smaller. The Kinect Art Challenge proves this once again by setting up two huge screens. One in Venice and one in Amsterdam. Which people from both cities can get a spontaneous and interactive experiences to meet each other.

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AdPlay is a second screen concept app. More often users grab their smartphones or tablets to overcome the annoyance of a traditional commercial, as a result that traditional advertising loses it’s effect. AdPlay creates a way to have fun with advertisement and still including the stimuli what marketeers desperately want. It uses gamification, fast paced, one mechanic like Wario Ware, giving it an easy to understand app.

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Various cases

A collection from personal to study related cases.

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Voor elkaar

A platform for people 65 and above joined with young people. Letting older knowledgeable people share their knowledge with the younger ones.

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